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DNA Testing


Minnesota Monitoring offers a wide variety of DNA testing services to assist families, the courts, and individuals. Minnesota Monitoring offers same day appointments, rapid results in 3-5 days, legally binding results, extreme accuracy, complete confidentiality, at very affordable prices.


Minnesota Monitoring offers:










Whether you work in the areas of Family Law, Adoption, Immigration, Probate and Estate, Criminal Defense, or an individual with a need to know, let Minnesota Monitoring be your DNA testing resource.


Paternity Testing

Studies show that as many as 1 in 10 people have some doubt about who their father is. Testing for paternity can and does save a child from future confusion and anxiety. We provide the answers to paternity quickly, painlessly, and confidentially.


In fact, DNA not only establishes paternity, but also offers the ability to foresee future health risks, protect against fraudulent estate claims, and can also eliminate unnecessary and costly child support payments.


The procedure is simple and does not require a medical facility. A trained technician will take a simple Paternity Buccal Swab sample, which is a noninvasive and non-biohazardous sample from each individual involved with the paternity testing. We will then forward these specimens to our laboratory. There will then be a 3 - 5 business day turnaround.


Forensic Testing

DNA analysis for forensic casework provides validated, court admissible testing to the legal community, law enforcement, private investigators, or even the private consumer. Blood, saliva, hair, semen, cellular material, and bone are evidential items used for forensic testing to identify DNA. Whether it is criminal activity, infidelity, or individual identification, forensic DNA is an instrumental tool in providing answers and offering solutions.


DNA Banking

As the number of children abducted by non-family members continues to grow every year, DNA Banking can help you be prepared should this ever happen to you. Unlike a photograph or a fingerprint, your child’s DNA will remain consistent throughout your child’s lifetime. DNA samples can be collected in the privacy of your own home or in our main office, and will be securely stored by Minnesota Monitoring in case an emergency should ever arise.


Flexible Payment Plan

Based on individual needs, payment plans are available. Once full payment has been rendered, results will be provided within 3 - 5 days.

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