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Youth Programs


Youth and Family Programs


Drug Testing

Through noninvasive Urine Analysis (UA), Minnesota Monitoring offers tests for a wide range of drugs both prescription and street. Some of the drugs tested for, but not limited to, are THC, Cocaine, Opiates (both Morphine and extended Opiates), Amphetamines (including Methamphetamine and Ecstasy), PCP, Barbiturates, Nicotine, Benzodiazapines, Ritalin or DXM. A hair sample can also be taken to test for THC, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, PCP, Methamphetamines, and ECSTASY. Most lab results are given within 1-3 businss days from the time the lab receives the sample.


Hair testing can be utilized for a longer detection window. See employee testing for more information on hair testing.


For additional testing options please contact Minnesota Monitoring.










Alcohol Testing

We offer 24 breath alcohol tests as well as a urine alcohol test that goes back 80 hours for alcohol consumption.


Parental Peace of Mind Program

The “Parental Peace of Mind Program” is a drug and alcohol testing program offered to families and schools, concerned about the possibility of youth drug and alcohol use or abuse. Many school police liaisons and chemical health specialists see our program as a valuable community tool to help youth recognize these negative choices and educate families collectively. Suspicious substances / items may be brought into our Golden Valley office for further analysis. See drug / alcohol testing products for more information.


Electronic Home Monitoring

Minnesota Monitoring provides an Electronic Home Monitoring service specifically designed for young adults. At Minnesota Monitoring, it is our passion to help protect our youth by providing both diversion and accountability. Parents concerend about their children's activity can opt to utilize our electronic monitoring programs. Similar to adult corrections, house arrest programs utilizing radio frequency technology and GPS are offered to monitor youth who are not court ordered. The Elmo Tech home arrest unit (E3 RF) allows our monitoring center to put schedules in place so that the childs comings and goings, whether to work or school can be closely and continually monitored. The Elmotech STar GPS and 1 Track GPS can track the whereabouts of a person at all times.


Curfew Calls

An additional program that is offered to parents for their children is our Curfew Call Program utilizing Voice Verification. This system utilizes voice recognition if a juvenile offender is home or not. By utilizing computer-generated calls in conjunction with voice signature technology, it can determine if a juvenile is at home or not. There is no ankle transmitter used with this device, in fact no equipment is needed. This advantage allows us to offer a valuable program at far less the cost.


Field Services

We offer field services for youth offender programs in the following areas:



Drug Testing

Home Visits


In addition to the many youth programs we offer, parents can also choose to purchase any or our related products including:


Home Drug Kits

Portable Digital Alcohol Testers

Nicotine Screening Kit

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